Speed Testing

Individuals, Teams, & Organizations

On-Ice and Off-Ice Testing and Tracking
Quarterly, Seasonal, Semi-Annual, or Annual
Comparison to International Averages

Besa Hockey's On-Ice Speed Testing is the gold standard for combining measurement and development.

Being able to measure speed, agility, and endurance is good. Having a proven skating system aligned with measurement to implement a development plan is great.

The B.E.S.A. Hockey Skating System powers our on-ice testing which allows us to examine a variety of skating movements, highlight individual weaknesses, and compare players over time and around the world.

We can compare our athletes to some of the top current NHL players during various checkpoints in their development process and immediately implement training to improve inefficiencies.

Besa Hockey offers professional testing services for individuals, teams, and organizations using top of the line equipment and tracking software.