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B.E.S.A. Hockey Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of skating development resources to committed hockey players and coaches worldwide to help create the best players on earth.

Our vision is to unite our team of skating experts, led by world class hockey skating coach Besa Tsintsadze, to provide each new generation of hockey players, in every country around the world, fundamental to advanced level skating education so they are empowered to achieve maximum performance in the game of hockey.

Our goal is to extract the potential out of every player we train and ignite the passion for self-awareness, self-improvement, and skill development.

We strive to advance the hockey skating and skills development industry by examining progressive techniques, drills, and theories about developing speed and efficiencies on-ice. We are not stuck in the 80’s “power skating” movement. We are on the cutting edge of the hockey skating development era.
Come and evolve with us.


B.E.S.A. Hockey Skating System

Forty years of world class skating expertise has empowered Besa Tsintsadze and his team of skating experts to develop the B.E.S.A. Hockey Skating System.

The B.E.S.A.Hockey Skating System is a seamless combination of philosophies, training methods, drills, technology, staff, and training platforms used to educate players & coaches to enhance skating skills.

The philosophy of this system is rooted in 4 essential skating elements: Balance, Efficiency, Speed and Agility.

At the heart of this system you will also find our 18 Core Hockey Skating Movements used during every single shift at the highest levels in the current, fast paced, aggressive, and extremely skilled game of hockey in the 21st century.

This B.E.S.A. philosophy is implemented and executed through precise repetition of drills, testing, demonstration, and analysis of our 18 Core Skating Movements.

Combined, there is no other program for hockey skating development that is as thorough, customizable, and effective.

The Foundation

For almost two decades Besa has been fueled and fulfilled by applying his expertise and training methods to developing players, with the mission of yielding NHL draft-picks for decades to come.

Besa has earned the reputation of being able to successfully hone skating skills of the world’s top professional hockey players. Although it is satisfying to be recognized by the best, he recognizes that it was the fundamentals these pros received as amateurs that laid the foundation for success.

Through the thousands of training hours Besa accumulated working with his professional and amateur students, a basic philosophy emerged: "Any player of any ability can improve performance by focusing on what I believe are the four most essential aspects of skating; balance, efficiency, speed, and agility."

Balance: A deep understanding and control of core positioning and weight distribution during low and high intensity skating movements.

A deep understanding and control of core positioning and weight distribution while managing edges in relationship to the ice.

Efficiency: The ability to get from point A to point B at top speed, while dispensing the least amount of energy thru balanced use of complementary body parts such as the head, shoulders, hands, elbows, ankles and toes.

Speed: Harnessing both balance and efficiency produces a combination that allows players to cover a larger distance in less time.

Agility: The mastery of balance, efficiency, and speed combined with quickness and power, allowing players to change direction, anytime, anywhere on the ice.

When all elements are successfully combined, players achieve ultimate mobility at top speed and freedom of movement on-ice.


On-Ice Training

Our training on-ice with Besa and his expert staff offers a unique skating development experience.

Whether you’re training with Besa one time per year at a local rink in upstate New York, or for a full month in Switzerland, you will be sure to have a skating awakening.

Besa Hockey development platforms include Skating Consulting, Skating Development Events, Skating Video Analysis, and On-Ice Speed Testing.